Once a company has decided to explore options for a new location the process can take from 60 days to 1 year from start to finish. We have both a 90 day strategy and a general timeline to help budget your company’s time.

90 Day Strategy
Weeks 1-3 • Evaluate Current Facilities
• Review Current Lease(s) & Amendments
• Conduct Comprehensive Needs Analysis
• Confirm/Create Space Program
Weeks 4-6 • Tour Properties / Interview Current & Prospective Landlords
• Develop Property Request For Proposal (RFP)
Weeks 7-8 • Analyze RFP Responses of Property Candidates
• Present Property Candidates to ABC Company
• Select Property Short List
• Distribute Revised RFP to Short List Candidates
Weeks 9-10 • Create & Compare Property Partition Plans
• Perform Quantitative/Qualitative Analysis of RFP Responses
• Conduct Final Tours & Short List
• Select Property Finalists
Weeks 11-13 • Commence Business Point Negotiations